Panel: Users as the Attack Vector – People and Security presented at DataConnectorsVancouver 2020

by Ben Smith, Michael Landewe, Christopher Hills, Ash Valesk,

Summary : Users, those carbon-based life forms usually roaming the halls of your buildings, are the last line of defense. Training, tools, and education help – but what are we doing to make sure they are not the weakest link?

Ben Smith: Ben Smith AKA Thex1le AKA Textile , A member of the Security Research group and Penetration Tester. Is the author of two Aircrack-ng Tools, Airdrop-ng and Airgraph-ng as well as some support tools. He has spent many years researching wireless vulnerabilities and is taking the time to finally step away from wireless and focus his studies into enterprise networks. As a Penetration Tester with evil on the brain, recent ventures have been focused on innocent printers. These printers have been abused and are ready for exhibitionism. He does not know what will be next as this up and coming security researcher continues down a path of pwnage.