Keynote: Confessions of a Rogue FBI Agent presented at DataConnectorsVancouver 2020

by Ej Hilbert,

Summary : 1999 – the early days of cybercrime. Identity theft was a new idea, and the FBI birthed a new division to handle it. It had never been done before – but a few agents started it, flew by the seat of their pants, and traversed the federal law enforcement landscape to blaze a new path, fighting criminals that worked outside our boarders. EJ Hilbert was there at the beginning. In this keynote presentation, he’ll talk about case studies from that time, and walk through the scintillating story of his own travelais, which led him to bring down the first major Russian CyberHacker, and later land him squarely in the crosshairs of an international spy thriller: corporate espionage, rouge agents, questionable officials and bad actors. You’ll be excited and enlightened by the story, and in the process learn more about today’s threat landscape. Moreover, you’ll understand why the current cybersecurity environment goe beyond traditional law enforcement – requiring vigilance on the part of corporations and especially cybersecurity professionals.