Data Protection That Goes Where Your Data Goes presented at BSidesColumbus 2020

by Rick Troth,

Summary : Data protection and breach defense are essential for today's connected enterprise. But there are often gaps between services and from one application to the next. Voltage SecureData from Micro Focus enables the data itself to persist in a protected state from one end of your operation to the other, from start to finish of most business processes.The centerpiece of SecureData is Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE). FPE protects your data from theft while allowing it to be usable for business processing without exposure. FPE-protected data retains referential integrity and can thus be processed without decrypting and yet would have zero street value if breached.This presentation will discusshow FPE workscomparison of FPE with other data protection methodsdiscussion of the SecureData Appliance and "security districts"present the NIST standard for FPEconsider industry and regulatory compliance