Cyber Defense In The Modern Org: 6 Low-Cost Tips To Secure Your Organization presented at BSidesColumbus 2020

by Erich Kron,

Summary : Cybersecurity is often expensive, time-consuming and can have catastrophic consequences if done wrong. From scams designed to steal money to attacks designed to disrupt business and bring production to a halt, attackers have been upping their game continuously.In the meantime, the security vendor's marketing departments relentlessly try to sell the latest and greatest "solution" to our problems with catchy ideas and the latest trends and buzzwords. Do we really need AI-enabled, ML-enhanced, multi-disciplinary, automated threat hunting cloud-connected, quantum controlled, blockchain-processing toasters in our organizations? Marketing departments sure think so. Sadly, all of this buzzword bingo has drawn attention away from securing the basics in favor of more technology, which requires more trained cybersecurity professionals to manage and really don't reduce our risk in any meaningful way.This session will focus on 6 low-cost, but vital fundamental security principles that are being overlooked, resulting in significant breaches and disruption in small, medium and global organizations alike.