TOO BIG TO FAIL / too small to worry: A Study of Why Security Is a Concern to Every Size of Business presented at SecureWorldStLouis 2020

by Timothy Grace,

Summary : Organizational executives have many concerns, and cybersecurity initiatives are often a low priority until something happens. Can a large business employ a “too big to fail” strategy? Can a small business employ a “too small to worry” strategy? This session will examine evolving strategies of large organizations dealing with security breaches, and why they may or may not be concerned if they are a target. Conversely, small companies may consider themselves too small to be a target, and therefore think they do not need to worry about cybersecurity.We will examine why large organizations may employ a less than optimal strategy for cybersecurity protection. What are the effects on their client base, industry standards, regulatory compliance, negative press, and financial data? We will then compare that strategy to a small business strategy of being too small to worry about being a target. The session will cover real-life examples of the effects of cybersecurity breaches on both large and small business, and why everybody should be working proactively to protect their organizations.We will wrap up with strategies of how to protect an organization, including outlining steps to building a lasting cybersecurity strategy for breach prevention.