Game Theory: Help People Make Up Their Minds, For Your Benefit! presented at 2020

by Juneau ,

Summary : Game theory is the study of choices and strategies made by rational actors in competitive situations. In this talk, we will model the choices and behavior demonstrated by real-world scenarios of human conflict as well as the actions of participants. Using these models, we will discuss how strategies are formed as well as how they can be influenced.We start with demonstrations of basic game theory concepts using participants from the audience to play through scenarios such as the prisoners dilemma. From that foundation, I discuss the math behind the choices in these games in order to prove how each player’s choices influence the strategy of their opponent. Next, I will introduce some of the different techniques that can be used to turn games sideways. By adding secret information or the ability to deceive these games can be won more often by an enterprising individual.By analyzing conflict where strategy and choices determine the outcome we learn more about how to determine the strategies of others as well as influence them with our own decisions. We gain a deeper understanding of strategy and motivation.