Harnessing the Power of Apprenticeship presented at ShellCon.io 2020

by Dr. Geanie Umberger,

Summary : Cybersecurity leaders are beginning to recognize they need a new way to cultivate expert talent. Using apprenticeships as a foothold, they can bridge the workforce gap for a much broader population of Americans and bring in a new talent pipeline. To show an example of how this is currently being used in the US workforce, we will look at Purdue University’s Cyber Apprenticeship Program (P-CAP), which provides an implementation path for successful apprenticeships. P-CAP blends traditional models for a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and is built on the NICE workforce framework. In the program, apprentices can earn a degree while they are employed, gaining simultaneous on-the-job training and mentorship through an employer coalition.Note: This presentation has content for Salute! attendees.