Intro to Cloud Security: Where to Start Patching Your Leaky Clouds presented at 2020

by Henry Canivel,

Summary : The adoption of cloud services in today’s tech climate is overwhelmingly pervasive, not only with startups, but also larger, more established corporations. The need to scale and accelerate deployments has become blisteringly fast for both IT and engineering teams globally. Security, however, has never really caught up to keep pace. Luckily, enough vendors and consulting groups have built software, both closed and open source, to help IT and security professionals manage this cloud environment adoption. In this session, we will cover the basics of this relatively new space, Cloud Security Posture Management, designed to address customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes in managing their cloud environment. After some initial background and introduction of some tools related to the space, we will walk through what the IT or security practitioner should worry about in planning to leverage this type of technology to aid your team’s oversight and coverage in assessing cloud usage and adoption.