Keep Your Home Office and Your Job Hunt Secure presented at 2020

by Damon "ch3f" Small,

Summary : Many of us are working from home these days. It is possible that we will continue working from home – at least part time – even after the pandemic becomes a thing of the past. This begs the question of how we, as employees, and our organizations, are protecting our information assets in the COVID-19 world. Are those assets just as protected in the home office as they are when in an office building? We might also find ourselves looking for new work. This may involve increased online activity, including interviews that take place via video conferencing. What are some basic tenets that, when followed, will increase the candidate’s likelihood of success?The speaker will explore these questions from the perspective of an information security professional that has worked from home full time for 5 years – well before COVID-19. The goal is to provide simple tips to remain secure while at home, and also tips related to avoiding pitfalls while searching for jobs and interviewing online during this new normal that we live in.