Rock the Cash Box (Practical ATM Protocol Hacking) presented at 2020

by Wasabi Fuqua,

Summary : They say life imitates art, and like the classic hacking films of the 1990’s this talk involves money and banks. Except we made a functioning mock bank, and the money is Jamaican. Join our journey of rediscovery inner workings of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Using no existing external infrastructure we dive into our successes and failures as we crossed wires, consoled, and dial-in to real Hyosung ATMs in an effort to become a payment processor. There will be demos, code, and maybe a bit of gum, as we rock the cash box. This talk is meant for beginners or seasoned phreakers alike. Our talk explores the approach and much as the techniques behind our efforts. Our goal is to take you back (at least with hardware) to the glory days of hacking, when phreaking still worked, and blue boxes still roamed free.