DeClang: Anti-hacking compiler presented at CODEBLUE2020 2020

by Mengyuan Wan,

Summary : There are various approaches in client protection technology, including packing, obfuscation, anti-decompilation and tamper detection. In this presentation, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches, and introduce our compiler-type client protection tool DeClang.In previous research so far, there are many open source obfuscation projects based on LLVM. However, these projects are mostly in the experimental stage, with various drawbacks such as lurking bugs, lack of ARM support, and inapplicability to mobile apps' build flow. DeClang overcomes these problems and will be partly open sourced as a working-level obfuscation compiler.In this presentation, we will analyze the Unity build flow and explain how to incorporate DeClang into the Unity build flow.I will also show you how to find and fix a long-standing bug in the obfuscator-llvm project to make it a working-level obfuscator.Through this presentation, we would like to make it possible for anyone to easily protect mobile apps.