Life After Privacy Shield – Will Data Transfer Laws Stop the World Doing Business? presented at CODEBLUE2020 2020

by Johnathan Armstrong,

Summary : This presentation will look at the history of the Schrems litigation and the recent ECJ case decision referred from Ireland. My film here gives some background This has been called the most significant litigation in the history of data transfer and involved an Austrian law student succeeding against the might of both Facebook and the US government. It’s a gripping story and one that I’ve followed for more than 6 years now but it has important lessons for global business.The talk will also look into the political difficulties facing data transfer from the EU to the US. We’ll then look at some additional questions posed by the judgment and the current political climate:- Will Trump build bridges?- How will this be resolved?- What does this mean for other jurisdictions including Russia and China?- What does this mean for Japan?- Can national security and data protection ever survive together?- Why has data transfer become so political?- How can corporations in Japan minimise their risk?