Is Dis-information more attractive than True-information? : Reduce the spread of Dis-information in social media presented at CODEBLUE2020 2020

by Haruka Suzuki,

Summary : In this session, we will propose effective measures from the nature of disinformation and the psychological aspects of human beings regarding the background of the spread of disinformation on social media.Social media is now a threat to democracy. The reason is that social media has the property of being able to speak directly to people's hearts across national borders. In the 2016 Brexit and US presidential elections, cyber election interference using disinformation became a major issue.In Japan as well, some cases such as disinformation, slander, spoofing posts, protest demonstrations using hashtags, and infodemic hoarding riots have already occurred, and measures should be considered for disinformation, which may become a problem in the future. There is a need.Then, what kind of countermeasures can be implemented for disinformation in Japan?Most of the social media used in Japan are services of foreign-affiliated companies, and there is freedom of expression in terms of law. In this session, we will focus on "people" who use social media as a new approach. "Why do people believe in disinformation on social media and spread it?" Will be explained from the perspective of social psychology.