[NEC Corporation]Zero Trust Architecture 101 presented at CODEBLUE2020 2020

by Takahiro Kakumaru,

Summary : There are few people who have never heard of the term "zero trust". On the other hand, its definition and what it refers to varies, so what on earth is a zero trust? I think it is difficult to grasp the reality of the situation. It is useful for those who will be actively involved in zero trust, as well as for those who are not actively involved in zero trust, to acquire the key concepts. The basis for this is the "NIST SP 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture", published by NIST in August of this year.In this OpenTalk, this guideline, which contains many conceptual statements and concepts, including principles, will be read through with the help of illustrations. If you have already seen or heard about Zero Trust, you can deepen your understanding of it, and if you are going to work on it in the future, let's learn the core concept as a solid foundation.