From Gatekeeper to Door Opener – Cybersecurity as Business Enabler presented at GlobalCISOVirtualExecutiveSummit2020 2020

by Jay Chaudhry, Jeff Vaughn,

Summary : In this session, Jay Chaudhry, Jeff Lund, and Benjamin Vaughn will discuss how IT is evolving to become the driver of enterprise agility and scalability. Once known as “the department of no,” IT’s focus has turned to enabling business objectives, such as guiding the move to work-from-anywhere, securing cloud-first strategies to minimize business risk, and simplifying and modernizing infrastructure to increase efficiency and reduce costs.Chaudhry, Lund, and Vaughn will share their experiences leading enterprise digital transformation, including:How to retire technical debt to gain a competitive advantageThe evolution of the CISO’s role from rack-stacker to growth-enablerCollaborative best practices for transforming apps, infrastructure, and security