Strategies for an Active Defense of the Enterprise of Things presented at GlobalCISOVirtualExecutiveSummit2020 2020

by Michael Strasburger,

Summary : Innovation is driving our connected world. The result is device diversity thriving at the cost of security as users connect from all over the map – literally. While your teams work to address operational and functional gaps from these managed and unmanaged devices, cybercriminals develop attacks targeting the top areas of risk within your company. In this discussion, join Michael DeCesare and Martin Strasburger as they explore cybersecurity resilience strategies for mitigating and remediating risk.In this session we will discuss:Proliferation of network-connected devices amidst the convergence of IoT/OTMeasuring and identifying the greatest points of risk in enterprise-scale networksWhere CISOs and CIOs should focus resources and costs to strengthen an active defense