Don’t get Phished! See How IRONSCALES Self-Learning Email Security Platform Stops Tomorrow’s Phishing Attacks Today! presented at DataConnectorsBaltimoreTech-Security 2020

by Brian Cesca,

Summary : Cyber Criminals don’t care. From holiday seasons, elections, tax-day or our current pandemic COVID-19. They’re ready to exploit people’s vulnerability.Email phishing is their weapon of choice. 10 years ago, traditional solutions like secure email gateways (SEGs) or in-built security from mailbox providers were enough to stop cyber criminals from gaining access to our accounts. In 2020, attackers are more sophisticated and are changing tactics just as rapidly as businesses are moving to Office 365 and G-Suite.In the face of this evolving threat, how can you stay ahead of micro-targeted attacks and defend against malicious emails before they gain access to your confidential data? How do you protect end-users confronted by fake login pages (after all, it’s not their job to determine what looks real and what doesn’t)? How do you ensure that your SOC team isn’t overwhelmed by the burden of identifying and remediating phishing threats?Join IRONSCALES and learn about:What techniques bad actors use to bypass traditional security measuresWhat new attacks are being used by bad actors to take advantage of the pandemicWhat can you quickly do to protect your Office 365/G-Suite users who are working remotelyHow automation & collaboration tools can enable your SOC team to respond to incidents faster, giving them time savings so that they can focus on other projects.