Keynote: Resilience Matters: Cyber Threat Landscape and CISA Cybersecurity Resources Available for Building Operational Resilience presented at DataConnectorsBaltimoreTech-Security 2020

by Benjamin Gilbert,

Summary : When it comes to cyber-attacks, It’s not a matter of if. It’s no longer even a matter of when. More so, it’s how frequent and how impactful will cyber-attacks be to operations. It’s not enough for organizations to simply focus on what protective measures to deploy. Organizations need to take a more holistic approach to managing cybersecurity risks in order to limit impacts to their operations. This presentation will provide a brief on cyber threats that cause impacts to operations, a discussion on operational resilience, cybersecurity risk management practices that enables operational resilience, and no-cost CISA cybersecurity resource available to public and private sector partners for building operational resilience.