Regulating the Robots: the Emergence of AI Regulation presented at DataProtectionPracticalComplianceConference 2020

by Dan Whitehead,

Summary : As the EU’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence 2020 says, “Without data, there is no AI”. The development of AI in compliance with data protection law is thus essential in order to obviate regulatory problems further down the line. This webinar looks at key issues that organisations should be considering when starting to formulate AI solutions, both from a privacy perspective and wider regulatory context, including:the requirements for fair processing and how AI might be impactedadequate protection of personal data while using AI-enabled products and servicesthe impact of the EU’s impending regulation of AI Records Management ConsultantRecords Management – Key Skills for Data Protection ProfessionalsJohn Wilson N/AN/ARecords management practices intersect with data protection in myriad ways. But not all data protection professionals are familiar with records management techniques and practices. This webinar provides delegates with:an understanding of basic records management terminology, standards and codes of practicean introduction to records management 'tools of the trade' and how are they are used in organisations, including how to identify and capture records, how to organise records, records security and access controls, how to find stuff, and retention and disposal of recordsinsight into how to align the records management programme with the organisation’s data protection compliance goalsguidance on how to monitor compliance with records management standards to ensure that anticipated benefits are being delivered Internet of Things and Smart Devices – Data Protection ChallengesLiz Fitzsimons N/AN/AProducts are increasingly smart and able to communicate, but manufacturers, suppliers and providers (as well as users) need to be aware of the complex privacy issues surrounding the use of such products and how to deal with them in this rapidly evolving space. This webinar considers:who must comply?when does product data become personal, and which laws apply?key risks, including security, individual rights and how to manage themunexpected issues, including new data, special category data, pseudonymisation and further processingare you direct marketing, and can you do so?how to deal with indirect suppliers and providers, as well as affected third parties