Manufacturing Hardware Implants from Idea to Mass Production: A Hacker's Journey presented at BlackHatEurope 2020

by Luca Bongiorni,

Summary : This presentation wants to be a motivational talk for all those hackers out there that always wanted to share some cool hacking devices with the community but didn't know how to deal with R&D, Quality Assurance, and Mass Production. In this talk, I will be presenting the entire life-cycle of a couple of hacking toys I developed: WHID Injector & WHID Elite. From their inception to release in production, passing through some blockers and failures I encountered during the journey.Why is this topic interesting you ask… Easy! Both R&D processes that I used were not backed by any crowdsourcing fund and the sale of these devices is not going in any form to me. I am just doing this as hobby, fun and (most importantly) I believe in giving back something to the InfoSec community without making any profit out of it.What about listening to how I did it and then trying yourself? There will also be examples of other hackers, inspired by my adventure who followed my example and started similar not-for-profit projects.