Navigating the 2020 Cyber Threat Landscape While Working Remotely presented at MichiganCybersecurityConference 2020

by Corey Nachreiner,


Summary : WatchGuard CTO and 20+ year cyber security veteran, Corey Nachreiner, highlights the top cyber securitythreats of 2020 and how your organization can defend against them. The presentation covers top 5 cybersecuritythreats all businesses must understand, and what you can do to mitigate them. He’ll also cover what threatsWatchGuard’s customers have seen, highlighting the H1 results from our quarterly Internet Security Report.Finally, Nachreiner explores how to defend against these threats while working from home and proposes a few“Phase 2” work-from-home security strategies for both business IT managers and home users. In the talk you willlearn:The top 5 cybersecurity threats affecting all businesses, from spear phishing to fileless malware;Quantifiable threat statistics from WatchGuard quarterly Internet Security report during H1 2020;What you can do to start the second phase of your “work-from-home” security strategy;Multiple ways you can defend against all the threats covered in this presentation.