OWASP Women in AppSec (WIA) - Application Of NIST Cyber Security Framework in Public Schools presented at AppSecIndonesia2020 2020

by Deveeshree ,

Summary : As we all know that Cybercriminals are targeting middle schools and high schools and given the fact that due to COVID 19 we are now in an online learning environment. So It is vital than ever that we must apply frameworks to protect our young adults from Cybercriminals. Schools all over the world are scrambling to protect their children and communities, but there are not many resources available for middle schools and high schools’ guidance. The National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework can be applied in K-12 which can be very helpful. In this talk, I will cover the application of the NIST CyberSecurity framework for K-12 schools in a global perspective. This talk is for all types of attendees who are educators and want to help K12 schools in creating a Cyber Attack free environment.