What Can We Learn From 40 Years Of Cloud Computing? presented at RSA 2010

by Phil Dunkelberger (PGP Corporation ),

Summary : Cloud based services have changed the IT landscape and attackers are paying attention. Multi-tenant architectures housing data from multiple sources make clouds attractive targets. Even though they’ve been around, cloud architectures have not yet been subjected to rigorous peer review from the security community. Providers are building platforms on proprietary technologies, leaving customers unable to independently assess the security posture. This session will look at the evolution of cloud computing and evaluate what needs to be done to ensure its security and survival.

Phil Dunkelberger: Phil Dunkelberger is the President and CEO of PGP Corporation. Previous positions include CEO of PGP Inc., the original PGP startup, VP of Sales at Symantec, COO of Vantive Corp. and CEO of Embark. Mr. Dunkelberger also serves as the Chairman of TechAmerica’s Cybersecurity CxO Council and on the TechNet CEO Cybersecurity Task Force. Dunkelberger has a BA in Political Science from Westmont College.