Web Cache Deception Escalates! presented at USENIX Security 2022

by Seyed Ali Mirheidari,

Tags: Web Security I: Vulnerabilities

URL : https://www.usenix.org/system/files/sec22-mirheidari.pdf

Summary : Web Cache Deception (WCD) tricks a web cache into erroneously storing sensitive content, thereby making it widely accessible on the Internet. In a USENIX Security 2020 paper titled "Cached and Confused: Web Cache Deception in the Wild", researchers presented the first systematic exploration of the attack over 340 websites. This state-of-the-art approach for WCD detection injects markers into websites and checks for leaks into caches. However, this scheme has two fundamental limitations: 1) It cannot probe websites that do not present avenues for marker injection or reflection. 2) Marker setup is a burdensome process, making large-scale measurements infeasible. More generally, all previous literature on WCD focuses solely on personal information leaks on websites protected behind authentication gates, leaving important gaps in our understanding of the full ramifications of WCD.