Using SliverC2 for Red Team Operations presented at 44CON2022 2022

by Matt Lorentzen,

Summary : Whilst Cobalt Strike is still arguably the most popular red teaming toolkit as a commercial offering, several open source frameworks have emerged in the last few years that have comparable feature sets, reduce the cost barrier to entry and provide stable platforms to develop, customise and extend red teaming tradecraft and approach. SliverC2 is an open source adversary emulation red teaming framework created by BishopFox and is written in Golang. The framework has gained popularity with red teamers and Russian Foreign Intelligence Services alike .
In this workshop I will take you through the deployment, configuration, and usage of SliverC2 against a fictious company. The goal of the workshop is to provide hands-on experience of the SliverC2 toolset.
The environment will be provided and participants will need to have a laptop that has a functional Linux component either as a virtual machine or native operating system. The ability to run Golang will also be needed. An internet connection will be needed to install armoury packages, so a laptop with an ethernet connection that is used to be part of the environment and a secondary connection such as a wireless device is required for that section.