The Office of Danger: a choose your own adventure story! presented at 44CON2022 2022

by Phil Eveleigh,

Summary : This session will put the audience in the driving seat of a real-life social engineering engagement against a high security office building in central London.
Each slide will present the audience with a choice, that must be made quickly to avoid detection and reach their target. The choices the audience make leads the story in various directions, unlocking new areas of the office and achieving different objectives.
So, what will you do?
Head for the stairs or the elevator?
Sweet talk the receptionist, or try and blend in with the crowd?
Run as quickly as you can from Security, or hide in the toilet?
Each slide presents the audience with 2 options to take each adventure in a unique direction, with over 30 different choices to be made over a 2-day engagement, resulting in a different and unique presentation each time!
This is the first of its kind talk, which puts you in the driving seat and shows the level of quick thinking that is needed to avoid detection and reach your targets!