Burning Asgard - What Happens When Loki Breaks Free presented at Blackhat USA 2010

by Enno Rey, Daniel Mende,

Tags: Security Routing

Summary : I personally remember the release of Yersinia at Black Hat Europe 2005. It was a ground breaking experience: a number of Layer 2 attacks regarded purely theoretical until then, was suddenly available in a mostly automated way. And those guys even showed some forays completely unbeknownst to me at the time. We plan to do the same in Vegas, with a new tool called Loki (after the giant from Norse mythology associated with cunning, trickery and evil). It's a Python based framework implementing many packet generation and attack modules for Layer 3 protocols, including BGP, LDP, OSPF, VRRP and quite a few others.
After outlining Loki's inner architecture we'll give insight into several modules and discuss some particularly interesting attacks in the routing protocol space (e.g. cracking OSPF MD5 keys, injection of routes into OSPF and EIGRP environments etc.). Furthermore we'll describe vulnerabilities in lesser known protocols like VRRP. Every attack we mention will be shown in a practical demo and - of course - Loki will be released right after our talk.