Titanmist: Your First Step To Reversing Nirvana presented at Blackhat USA 2010

by Mario Vuksan, Tomislav Pericin,

Tags: Security Community Automation

Summary : Security is notoriously disunited. Every year multiple tools and projects are released and never maintained. TitanMist is its inverse opposite. Built on top of TitanEngine, it provides automation and manages all known and good PEID signatures, unpacking scripts and other tools in one unified tool. TitanMist is the nicely packaged amd open source catch all tool that will become your first line of defense. The project also goes beyond pure tool development. It builds a forum to share information and reverse engineering experience built around the biggest online and collaborative knowledge base about software packers.
With the increase in packed and protected malicious payloads, collaboration and quick response between researchers has become critical. As new sample numbers are quickly closing to 40M samples per year, solution to this problem has to come from reverse engineers themselves, integrating the work that they have done in the past and they continue to do. Huge databases of format identification data and unpacking scripts can be reused in a way to maxize automation. Yet, where do we find a definite collection of functional tools, identification signatures and unpacking tools? And how do we integrate them in a meaningful and accurate way?
Come to this talk to hear how we plan to raise reversing collaboration with TitanMist to a whole new level. We will address today's and future challenges, source code, packaging and distribution, and define your role in making TitanMist the most powerful community tool for the years to come.
This talk will be a Black Hat exclusive; a launch and demonstration of TitanMist, a new open source project based on TitanEngine. All components will be available for distribution with the conference materials.