Stratagem 1 Deceiving The Heavens To Cross The Sea presented at Berlinsides 2010

by Jayson E Street (Stratagem 1 Solutions),

Tags: Social Engineering


Summary : (Using the the 36 stratagems for Social Engineering)
There are new threats arising everyday. The problem is there has been a vulnerability in the system that has not been patched since the first computer was created Humans! As the network perimeter hardens and the controls on the desktop tightens. Hackers are going back to the basics and getting through the firewall by going through the front door. They are bypassing the IPS and IDS simply by bypassing the receptionist. We look at this topic with a different viewpoint. We look at the history of social engineering from Amenhotep 3 to Sinon of Greece as well as how the culture of the country you're in dictates the strategy to use. All this shown in an offbeat way showing how 1st century strategies can still be used to beak into 21st century networks.

Jayson E Street : CIO at Stratagem 1 Solutions