Powershell.. What Every Hax0R Needs To Know presented at ZaCon 2

by Jameel Haffejee (Thinkst),

Tags: Security Exploitation Network Penetration

Summary : PowerShell (which now ships with Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008) is an extensible automation engine from Microsoft, with its own shell and associated scripting language. This talk will aim at convincing the audience that they need to add Powershell to their hacking toolkit. We will begin with a quick introduction to Powershell to ensure that everyone is able to keep up with the sections that follow. We will then examine some "classic" pen-testing tools (from portscanners to attack-tools), and will demonstrate how their functionality can be replicated natively with powershell. We will finally demonstrate Powershells utility on compromised hosts.. (This talk is full of live demos and examples.)

Jameel Haffejee: Jameel is a youngling learning the ways of the force and while he doesnt know why your internet isnt working, code cant compile or why your printer wont print, chances are he broke all of them. He is also a passionate coder and Information Security enthusiast who enjoys tinkering with everything that he can get his hands on.