Embedded System Hacking And My Plot To Take Over The World presented at BruCON 2010

by Paul Asadoorian (Tenable Network Security),

Tags: Web Exploitation Hardware Reverse Engineering

Summary : Embedded systems, the purpose-built systems that encompass our world pose a threat to your data and infrastructure more than ever before. It seems that as Moore's law is proven time and time again, we as a society are seeing more and more embedded systems help us in our daily lives. Each time we use the computer on our home cable modem network, print an important document, or use a wireless network there is typically some kind of embedded system involved. These systems now represent the carriers of our data, from your computer to your online backing site, from the coffee shop network back to your corporate VPN. While embedded systems have made our lives easier, security is largely an afterthought. This presentation will take a look at common vulnerabilities in popular embedded systems that carry sensitive data every day.

Paul Asadoorian: Paul Asadoorian is currently the Product Evangelist for Tenable Network Security, where he regularly uses vulnerability scanning and management products and showcases them using blogs, podcasts, and videos. Paul is also the Founder of PaulDotCom, an organization centered around the award winning PaulDotCom Security Weekly podcast that brings listeners the latest in security news, vulnerabilities, research, and interviews with the security industry's finest. Paul has a background in penetration testing, intrusion detection, and is the author of WRT54G Ultimate Hacking a book dedicated to hacking Linksys routers.