Title Speakers Conference Tags
Windows Kernel Reference Count Vulnerabilities Case Study Mateusz ( j00ru ) Jurczyk ZeroNights-2012 - Moscow, Russia Attack Kernel Windows Reference Counting
Binary art: Byteing the PE that fails you Ange ( ange4771 ) Albertini Hashdays-2012 - Lucerne,Switzerland Attack Windows PE
WINDOWS KERNEL FUZZING FOR BEGINNERS Ben Nagy Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia Fuzzing Kernel Windows
Finding the Weak Link in Binaries Ollie Whitehouse HITBSecConf Malaysia-2012 - KL, Malaysia Windows Static Analysis
EASY LOCAL WINDOWS KERNEL EXPLOITATION Cesar Cerrudo BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA Exploitation Kernel Windows
STAMP OUT HASH CORRUPTION, CRACK ALL THE THINGS Ryan Reynolds , Jonathan Claudius BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA Windows Pass The Hash
WE HAVE YOU BY THE GADGETS Toby Kohlenberg , Mickey Shkatov BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA Malware Windows Windows Gadgets
Extraordinary String Based Attacks Tarjei Mandt REcon-2012 - Montreal, Canada Windows
To Recover Plaintext Passwords of Windows Users Benjamin Delpy Positive Hack Days-2012 - Moscow, Russia Windows LSASS
Finding the weak link in Windows binaries Ollie Whitehouse Security B-Sides London-2012 - London, UK Code Analysis Attack Planning Windows