Title Speakers Conference Tags
ESXi Beast James Forshaw Chaos Communication Congress-29 - Hamburg, Germany Tools Network Protocols Proxies
INTRODUCING THE SMARTPHONE PENTEST FRAMEWORK Georgia Weidman Blackhat Abu Dhabi-2012 - Abu Dhabi, UAE Android Mobile Security Tools
ATTACKING ODATA Gursev Singh Kalra Blackhat Abu Dhabi-2012 - Abu Dhabi, UAE OData Tools
Bluetooth sniffing with Ubertooth Dominic Spill Kiwicon-2012 - Wellington, New Zealand Tools Bluetooth Ubertooth
HOW TO CATCH A CHAMELEON: ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAP Steven Seeley Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia Exploitation Heap Overflows Tools Immdbg
FINDING NEEDLES IN HAYSTACKS (THE SIZE OF COUNTRIES) Michael Baker Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia Tools Network Monitoring PacketPig
ANDROID MALWARE DETECTION IN THE CLOUD Hermes Li Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia Android Malware Defence Tools WebSense
TRACKING VULNERABLE JARS David Jorm Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia Java Static Analysis Tools
DETECTING BUGS USING DECOMPILATION AND DATAFLOW ANALYSIS Silvio Cesare Breakpoint-2012 - Melbourne,Australia Static Analysis Tools Bugwise
MODELING THE EXPLOITATION AND MITIGATION OF MEMORY SAFETY VULNS Matt Miller Breakpoint-2012 - Melbourne,Australia Exploitation Tools Metrics