Computer Forensics

Title Speakers Conference Tags
Supercompu4ng, Malware and Correla4on: What a Year in the Life of a MD5 Taught Us Wes Brown HITBSecConf Malaysia-2012 - KL, Malaysia Computer Forensics Reverse Engineering Malware
Hadoop Forensics, Tackling the elephant in the room Kevvie Fowler Sector-2012 - Toronto,Canada Computer Forensics Hadoop
Spy vs Spy: Spying on Mobile Device Spyware Michael Robinson , Chris Taylor DEF CON-20 - Las Vegas, USA Computer Forensics Mobile Security
2010 Data Breach Investigation Report Kenny Lee OWASP China-2010 - China Security Intrusion Detection Incident Response Computer Forensics
Cert Polska – Working As A National Level Computer Security Incident Response Team (Csirt) Piotr Kijewski CyberSec -2010 - Brussels, Belgium Security Others Deep Knowledge Incident Response Computer Forensics
Using Recursive Incentives To Win The Darpa Network Challenge Galen Pickard CollSec-2010 - Washington DC, USA Security Computer Forensics Infrastructure Computer Forensics Network Penetration
Security-Assessment.Com - Oh F#!K : What To Do When You Get Pwned Paul Craig OWASP New Zealand-2010 - New Zealand Security Incident Response Computer Forensics Analysis Forensics
Polymorphic Attacks: Evasion Techniques And Detection Approaches Michalis Polychronakis EC2ND-2008 - Heraklion, Greece Security Intrusion Detection Incident Response Computer Forensics