Network Monitoring

Title Speakers Conference Tags
Future Trends in IT security Ron Gula BSideSRhodeIsland-2013 - Rhode Island,USA Network Monitoring
Keynote Speaker Steven M. Bellovin FloCon-2013 - Albuquerque, USA Network Monitoring
Multilayer evasion fuzzing with evader Olli-pekka Niemi Deepsec-2012 - Vienna, Austria Network Network Monitoring Tool
FINDING NEEDLES IN HAYSTACKS (THE SIZE OF COUNTRIES) Michael Baker Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia Tools Network Monitoring PacketPig
Tracking Large Scale Botnets Jose Nazario HITBSecConf Malaysia-2012 - KL, Malaysia Botnets Defence Network Monitoring
Threat Attribution via DNS Gunter Ollmann Sector-2012 - Toronto,Canada DNS Malware Network Monitoring