Data Exfiltration

Title Speakers Conference Tags
SNSCAT: WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT SOMETIMES HURTS THE MOST Dan Gunter , Solomon Sonya BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA Data Exfiltration Social Media Covert
Pushing In, And Pulling Out Slowly Without Anyone Paying Attention Iftach Ian Amit Berlinsides-2010 - Berlin, Germany Network Penetration Data Exfiltration
Loss Of Data, What Bug? Edgar Gómez BugCon-2010 - Mexico Security Exploitation Data Exfiltration
Analyzing Group Communication For Preventing Accidental Data Leakage Via Email Polina Zilberman , Asaf Shabtai , Lior Rokach CollSec-2010 - Washington DC, USA Security Data Exfiltration
Industrial Bug Mining - Extracting, Grading And Enriching The Ore Of Exploits Ben Nagy NinjaCon-2010 - Vienna, Austria Others Data Exfiltration
Cyber Incident Data Exchange Eneken Tikk CCDCOE-2010 - Estonia Security Data Exfiltration
Data Protection Gudielines For Nato Simona Rocchi CCDCOE-2010 - Estonia Data Exfiltration Intrusion Prevention
Real Life Csi: Data Mining And Intelligence Gathering For The Masses Chris Roberts OWASP FROC-2010 - Denver, USA Security Monitoring Data Exfiltration
Dep In Depth Brett Moore Ruxcon-2010 - Melbourne, Austrailia Security Data Exfiltration
Efficient Extraction Of Data Using Binary Search And Ordering Information Yusuf Motara ZaCon-1 - Johannesburg, South Africa Security Data Exfiltration
Organizing And Analyzing Logdata With Entropy, Sergey Bratus Sergey Bratus TROOPERS-2008 - Munich, German Data Exfiltration