Title Speakers Conference Tags
How to drive a malware analyst crazy Michael Boman 44con-2015 - London,UK Defence
Building Web Applications on Top of Encrypted Data Using Mylar Nickolai Zeldovich , Raluca Ada Popa , Hari Balakrishnan , Emily Stark , Steven Valdez , Jonas Helfer NSDI-2014 - Seattle,USA Defence
State of the Union: Advances in Web Application & Browser Security Ben Toews , Scott Behrens Shakacon-2013 - Honolulu,USA Defence HTML5
Reconstructing Gapz: Position-Independent Code Analysis Problem Aleksandr Matrosov , Eugene Rodionov REcon-2013 - Montreal,Canada Reverse Engineering Malware Defence
Inside EMET 4.0 Elias Bachaalany REcon-2013 - Montreal,Canada Defence EMET
SIEM implementation: What to expect Dan Han RVAsec-2013 - Richmond,USA Defence SIEM
Towards a Modern Approach to Risk Management Alex Hutton RVAsec-2013 - Richmond,USA Risk Defence
Short Paper: Nomadic Honeypots: A Novel Concept for Smartphone Honeypots Collin Mulliner , Matthias Lange , Steffen Liebergeld MOST-2013 - San Francisco,USA Defence Mobile Security Honeypot
SnapMe if you can: Privacy Threats of other Peoples' Geo-tagged Media and What We can do about it Matthew Smith , Benjamin Henne , Christian Szongott WiSec-2013 - Budapest,Hungary Privacy Defence
The Importance of Being Earnest [in Security Warnings] Serge Egelman , Stuart Schechter Financial Cryptography and Data Security-2013 - Bonaire,Netherlands Phishing Defence UI
Hybrid defense: How to protect yourself from polymorphic 0-days Dennis Gamayunov , Svetlana Gaivoronski BlackHat EU-2013 - Amsterdam, Netherlands Intrusion Detection Defence
Control-Flow Integrity in Web Applications Bastian Braun , Patrick Gemein , Hans Posegga ESSoS-2013 - Paris ,France Defence Active Defence
Making a Case for Security Optimism Scott Charney RSA USA-2013 - San Francisco, USA Introductory Defence
Sorry Your Princess is in Another Castle: Intrusion Deception to Protect the Web Kyle Adams BSidesSanFrancisco-2013 - SanFrancisco,USA Defence Active Defence
Identity-Based Internet Protocol Network David Pisano Shmoocon-2013 - Washington,USA Network Defence IBIP
UI REDRESSING ATTACKS ON ANDROID DEVICES Marcus Niemietz Blackhat Abu Dhabi-2012 - Abu Dhabi, UAE Android Attack Defence Tapjacking
TARGETED MALWARE SOPHISTICATED CRIMINALS OR BABYTOWN FROLICS? Josh Grunzweig , Ryan Merritt Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia Malware Defence
ANDROID MALWARE DETECTION IN THE CLOUD Hermes Li Ruxcon-2012 - Melbourne, Australia Android Malware Defence Tools WebSense
Defibrilating Web Security Meder Kydyraliev HITBSecConf Malaysia-2012 - KL, Malaysia Defence Java Taint Tracking Ruby
Tracking Large Scale Botnets Jose Nazario HITBSecConf Malaysia-2012 - KL, Malaysia Botnets Defence Network Monitoring
Messing Up the Kids Playground: Eradicating Easy Targets Fyodor Yarochkin , Vladimir borisovich Kropotov HITBSecConf Malaysia-2012 - KL, Malaysia Botnets Defence
Sexydefense - maximizing the home-field advantage Iftach Ian Amit BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA Security Defence
TARGETED INTRUSION REMEDIATION: LESSONS FROM THE FRONT LINES Jim Aldridge BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA Defence Advanced Persistent Threat
Exploit mitigation improvements in Win 8 Matt Miller , Ken Johnson BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA Defence Windows 8 Mitigations
OWASP Top Ten Defensive Techniques Jim Manico OWASP AppSec Research-2012 - Athens, Greece Security Defence OWASP
Keynote: Finding Malware on a Web Scale Benjamin Livshits OWASP AppSec Research-2012 - Athens, Greece Web Defence
Keynote: Everything you know about Injection Attack is wrong Pravir Chandra OWASP AppSec Research-2012 - Athens, Greece Defence SQL Injection Cross-Site Scripting XPath Injection LDAP Injection
Screw You and the Script You Rode in On David Byrne , Charles Henderson OWASP AppSec Research-2012 - Athens, Greece Automation Defence
What Permissions Does Your Database User REALLY Need? Dan Cornell OWASP AppSec Research-2012 - Athens, Greece SQL Defence Databases
Top Ten Web Defenses Jim Manico Security B-Sides Detroit-2012 - Detroit, USA Defence OWASP
RGBDroid: A Novel Response-Based Approach to Android Privilege Escalation Attacks Yeongung Park , Choonghyun Lee , Chanhee Lee , Jihyeog Lim , Sangchul Han , Minkyu Park , Seong-je Cho 5th USENIX Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats-2012 - San Francisco, USA Android Defence